The Significance Of Grooming

Why is grooming important?


We all love our pets, they are extended members of our families and of course we want them to feel and look incredible. This is why pet owners consider professional grooming. What if there are more benefits that are commonly overlooked? There are many benefits that attest as to why you should groom your beloved pet. These benefits go above giving your pet a stylish cut. It is part of your pets overall health and well-being. With proper grooming you can detect, as well as prevent, shedding, fleas, ticks and other health conditions. It is to say that there is a lot more to grooming than bathing and brushing pets. 



A professional groomer can detect conditions under the animal’s fur. They can discover skin conditions, ear infections, and even cysts. All these health conditions are usually hidden beneath a pet’s fur. A groomer will also examine paw pads, nails, and ears. Paw pads can be matted and require attention to prevent discomfort, if nails are not cut or maintained they can cause discomfort or even grow into the animals feet, and a dogs ears may have hair deep into the canals that requires extraction. All of these issues can be detected and prevented with regular grooming.

Maintaining a healthy coat


Dogs, as well as cats, have all types of coats. Thick, thin, short and long. Taking care of our pets coats is very important and can benefit both us as owners and the pet. Having a healthy coat can prevent shedding as well as odor around the house. In order to maintain a healthy coat it is important that dogs are groomed regularly, they cannot clean themselves as we can. It is also important to not bath them too frequently as this washes natural oils that are important for their coat. Experts recommend to bathe them every two weeks, but it may vary depending on types of coats and breeds. Brushing our pets regularly, this will help maintain their coats as well as create lasting memories with the little ones. 



It is no secret that when we look good, we feel good. The same goes for our pets! It is proven that regular grooming has a positive effect on physical and mental health. The interactions with groomers can also be positive to their well being and will reinforce social skills. It is also for us as owners, there’s nothing like having a handsome good smelling pet around the house. 


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