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Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming Services

Signs Your Dog Needs Grooming Services

Having your dog groomed isn’t something that is optional; your dog needs to be groomed in order to stay healthy and comfortable. Many dog owners will sometimes push grooming off and view it as more of a chore than a task. There are several signs that will indicate when your dog needs to be groomed. Pawmper Fluffy wants to help you understand when it’s time for your dog to have a professional grooming session. 

Pawmper Fluffy is a full-service mobile pet spa found right here in South Florida. We can come to you and provide your dog with the grooming session they deserve. Below, you’ll find four of the most common signs that your dog is in need of grooming services.


Matted Fur

Matted fur is most commonly found on longer-haired dogs and occurs when a dog’s hair becomes knotted and dirty. This can be very uncomfortable for the dog and can become a detriment to their health. When a dog’s coat becomes matted, dirt, debris, and pests can get caught easily. This can damage the skin and make diseases easier to contract. Bacterial infections can also occur due to dampness and damage to the skin. Matted fur found around the rear area can lead to trapped feces which can also cause diseases. Even the slightest amount of matting can interrupt the natural ability of the coat to do its job of keeping the dog warm in cool months and cooler in hot months. 

Matted fur can be reversed with a visit to a quality groomer. Pawmper Fluffy can come to you and ensure that matted fur is no longer an issue for your dog. 



No matter if there is matting or not, fleas and ticks can hide deep within your pet’s coat. They can easily damage your dog’s skin and overall health. Make sure to check your dog’s coat daily for pests by both sight and touch. Other physical signs include irritated skin, sores, and excessive scratching. These pests will grow as they feed off of your dog and can spread quickly to other pets and family members. Make sure to find these pests early.


General Filth

Dogs are meant to run around outside in any condition or environment. This can lead to a lot of dirt, mud, and debris ending up on your dog. This means it’s time for a bath. Pawmper Fluffy can clean your dog the right way directly in front of your house. 



The nails on your dogs are always a good indicator of when your dog needs to be groomed. Dogs will usually wear their nails down while walking on hard-paved surfaces such as sidewalks and roads, but some dogs may only walk on carpet, grass, and other softer surfaces. This can lead to them growing too long. The nails on your dog should always be trimmed and neat since they can become uncomfortable for your dog and can even grow into their paws. 


Get Dog Grooming Services in South Florida

If you have noticed any of these signs, contact Pawmper Fluffy today. We are a full-service mobile pet grooming company and we know what it takes to properly care for your dog or cat.

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