Bad Dog Breath

How To Deal With Bad Dog Breath

How To Deal With Bad Dog Breath

Does your dog have breath that could knock someone out? Well, don’t be alarmed. Most dogs battle bad breath but sometimes it can be a sign of other problems. Pawmper Fluffy wants to give you the breakdown of why bad dog breath occurs and how to fight bad breath. 

What Causes Bad Dog Breath?

Dog breath is usually pretty smelly, which is why you never want to be told that you have dog breath. Dogs will often have dog breath as they begin to age and get older. It’s normal for your dog to have different smells on their breath depending on what they eat or play with, but sometimes their breath is so bad that no one can get near. 

Most dog owners will deal with the smell and not think twice about it since it’s normal for dogs to have bad dog breath. While this is true, dogs that have really bad breath might have a potential health issue that is causing the smell. There can be a number of different possible diseases that can cause bad dog breath, with the most common being kidney, liver, and oral diseases. 

Oral Health Issues

Oral health problems are the leading cause of bad dog breath. This term covers a number of health problems from tartar build-up to tooth decay to gum disease. No matter what it might be, the bad smell that comes from your dog’s mouth is often related to the food and bacteria build-up that goes unchecked.

If your dog has bad breath, chances are it is an oral health problem. If left unchecked, this problem will only continue to get worse.

Kidney Disease

Dog breath that smells like urine or feces can be a sign that your dog has eaten poop or is a health issue with their kidney. 

If your dog’s kidney isn’t working correctly, it won’t be able to filter and process toxins and other waste materials. This can affect their breath as well as their overall wellness. 

Liver Disease

If your dog has recently developed bad breath and it’s joined by vomiting and diarrhea, it may be suffering from liver disease.

How To Treat Bad Breath in Dogs?

The treatment for bad dog breath will depend on what is causing it. Bad breath is a symptom of other diseases, so it may begin to fade once the root problem has been solved.

If there isn’t any disease present in your dog and they still exhibit bad breath, there can be a number of things to do. 

The best thing to do is to brush their teeth each and every day. If your puppy is young, try doing it now so they can get used to it. Your vet should know a number of different oral health products that your dog can use in order to fight bad breath. 

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