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3 Reasons to Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

3 Reasons to Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

We love our furry companions. One of the most important things you can do to show them that you love them is to make sure they are properly groomed. The process of grooming a dog goes deeper than you may think. Some of these steps can make it difficult to do proper grooming at home. An amazing way to have this done is by calling a mobile pet groomer who can groom your dog right on your driveway. Mobile groomers have years of experience and knowledge and will groom your dog the right way. There are so many reasons to have your dog professionally groomed, but these are 3 of the most important reason to do so.

Get a More Thorough Grooming

A mobile groomer will give your dog a much better grooming experience than what can be done at home. Grooming with Pawmper Fluffy starts with a full wash and rinse. This helps eliminate any tangles or knots before cutting their hair. It also helps remove build-up near their eyes and/or ears. 

Your dog will then have its hair professionally trimmed around its paws, ears, eyes, and other places that you request. For finishing touches, we’ll cut their nails, brush their teeth, and give them a cute bowtie or bandana as a parting gift. 

Proper Tools and Cleaners

When your dog is getting groomed, it’s important that the proper cleaning tools and cleaners are used. This helps keep both the groomer and your dog safe. Pawmper Fluffy has all of the proper equipment to professionally groom your dog. This includes cleaners that are meant for different types of dogs and their skin types and coats. Proper cleaning materials will let you rest knowing your dog won’t have dry skin or hair falling out. 

We also use a variety of different tools to help give them a true grooming experience. Our grooming table is equipped with a harness to hold your dog in place so they don’t move around and injure themselves or the groomer. If your dog is aggressive or nervous around new people, we also have muzzles to safely hold their snout in place. Our other tools consist of nail clippers, toothbrushes, brushes, combs, and hair clips.

Keep Your House Clean

Mobile grooming is done inside of our mobile van. Nothing will be done inside your home. This means a cleaner home thanks to no hair entering your home. No longer will you have to worry about a dirty bathtub full of hair after bathing them. You also won’t have to clean up hair after trying to trim or brush them. 

Your dog will be much cleaner and happier when they’re groomed on a regular basis. It also helps reduce dirt, dog hair, and other filth your dog brings into your home. 

Have Your Dog Professionally Groomed with Pawmper Fluffy

If your dog needs to be professionally groomed, choose Pawmper Fluffy! Our mobile grooming services are an amazing idea because you get full grooming right outside your home that will save your home from hair and make sure the proper tools and cleaners are used on your dog. For more information about our grooming services, head over to our contact page

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