5 Essential Summer Tips

1. Never leave your dog inside a hot car


This goes without saying, and you may think it is obvious, but under no circumstance should we leave our furry friends alone in a hot car. The Journal of pediatrics states that temperatures inside a car can rocket to 115 degrees when it is only 70 degrees outside within 30 minutes. An average sized pup will experience heat exhaustion and other serious medical injuries at the body temperature of 105 degrees. Here in south Florida temperatures are a lot higher than 70 degrees, and in a matter of minutes these health issues can arise. So, under no circumstance, not even for a minute, should we leave our dogs alone in a hot car. 

2. Keep your pets paws cool


It’s summer outside. The sun is glaring down on us and every surface it touches becomes excruciatingly hot. This can affect our pets. Our pets paws are in direct contact with heat attracting material such as asphalt. The direct contact can burn your pets paws as well as lead to an increase in temperature, eventually leading to overheating and heat exhaustion. So what do we do? We can cool our pups paws with cold water, or prevent them from going out during the hottest times of the day. If we want to take them on a walk why not wait till the sun is set, that way both you and your pup won’t have to deal with the heat of the sun. 

3. Hydrate, it’s hot outside


In general, hydration is as important for pets as it is for humans. Water helps with dogs digestion and aids them in being able to absorb nutrients from food. It will also lubricate joints and prevent infection. But during the summer it’s most important benefit is it regulates body temperature. It is important that your fluffy friend has access to water at all times, especially if they are coming back inside after being outside for a bit. Sometimes if it’s extremely hot outside it may help putting a couple ice cubes in their water to help them cool down. 

4. Sun burns, they aren’t just a human issue


Just like us human beings, dogs can get sunburned as well. This also causes them to develop skin issues, more specifically sun related medical issues. For some breeds it may be hard to detect a sunburn. But here are some indicators that we can identify ourselves as owners;

  • Dry or curled edges on a dogs ears
  • Reddish skin under the fur
  • Hair loss
  • Skin Ulcers

You can always take your pet to the vet if you aren’t too sure and have worries! But let’s try to prevent this! Just like humans, dogs must wear sunscreen in order to be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are special sunscreens made specifically for our furry friends. Another possible solution is to give them shaded spaces, dogs will naturally seek shade to cool down and give them a break from the sun. 

5. Not all dogs swim 


It is important to know whether your dog is a natural born swimmer or not. Some dogs can swim from the moment they are puppies till the time they become adults, but not all of them are capable of this. It is a myth that all dogs can swim. However, most breeds can swim with a life vest and some swimming lessons and experience. There are also those breeds that are unable to swim properly, these breeds include a lot of flat faced pups such as the English bulldog. Dogs with barrel shaped bodies, short legs, and flat faces, have an increasingly difficult time swimming. So before you let your pup jump in a pool or run after you in a lake, make sure they are capable of doing so. 

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