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Dental Hygiene

It is quite astonishing just how similar our health needs are in comparison to those of our furry friends. Oral hygiene is an essential part in the overall health of our pets. Poor oral hygiene can eventually lead to very serious health issues, these may include kidney, liver, and heart conditions. Knowing all this, however, it is one of the most ignored part in our pets care. “According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80 percent of dogs show signs of canine periodontal disease as early as age three”. Lack of dental hygiene acknowledgment can lead to your dog losing teeth and more. 


Symptoms/home remedies

Dogs can suffer a lot of discomfort regarding their dental health. Infection can lead to inflamed gums and loose teeth which in turn makes it not only painful but hard for your dog to eat. It is usually a slow process for diseases and issues to arise, which is good new because it means that it can be spotted early. Some symptoms of poor dental hygiene may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Increased buildup of plaque 
  • Difficulty chewing/weight loss

It is recommended that dogs go see their vet at least once a year for a dental check up/cleaning. As an owner you can also help maintain dental health with products such as dog dental treats and chews. These products carry dental cleaning properties that remove plaque and freshen breath up. It is also possible to physically brush your own pets teeth, however, you can also ask your groomer for a tooth brushing service, here at Pawmper fluffy all of our groomers are capable of providing this essential service. This as well as non anesthetic dental cleaning. 

Non Anesthetic dental cleaning

It is recommended that dogs receive professional dental cleaning every 6-12 months. This includes non anesthetic dental cleaning. This procedure is done by scraping the dog’s teeth with a special dental instrument. This is done to remove plaque and essentially clean the teeth. However, it is important to still go see the vet once a year for a full dental clean up. A lot of bacteria can hide underneath the gums as well as in the gum line. 


Remember, your dog’s teeth are as important to them as ours are to us. Pearly whites, piano keys, choppers, who doesn’t want a clean and healthy set of teeth? 

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