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Matted hair, Ouch.

What is it? 

Imagine you never wash or take care of your hair, it would eventually dry out and knot up no? Well it is the same for our pets. Matted hair is simply dense tangled knots. It is a painful condition for our furry friends. To them it feels as if someone is constantly pulling on their hair. On top of that, it can cause a lot more than just stress and discomfort. It may lead to serious health issues, such as skin irritations and infections. Matting will also mask fleas, it is the ideal conditions for them. 

What causes Matting? 

There is no one cause to matted hair. But in order to prevent it, we must understand the reasons why it occurs. Some breeds are naturally predisposed to matting, take the Komondor breed, they are known for having dreadlock-like hair. Dogs with curly and long hair are more likely to suffer from matted hair. The causes are as follows: 

  • Constant friction/rubbing

Constant rubbing and friction causes long and curly hair to get tangled. Places of constant friction may include armpits and body parts that constantly rub on the ground or grass. 

  • Seasonal

Some breeds shed fur depending on the season, this is due to the change in weather. This shedded fur, however, must be comped and looked after. If the fur remains with the healthy fur it will tangle and create knots which leads to matting. 

  • Fleas

Matted hair is the perfect condition for fleas. They can hide and thrive within knotted hair. Constant itching and liking in focused areas will cause tangling which will in return lead to matting. 

What can you do? 

What can be done all depends on the severity of the matting. If a dog’s condition is mild or minimal it can usually be taken care of at home. Using de-tangling tools and products will bring you results. However, if matting is severe, you must call your groomer in order to take care of the condition. A groomer will likely cut the dogs hair short in order to get rid of the matted hair and prevent it from tangling again. 


Prevention is rather simple. Look after your pet’s fur as if it were your own hair. You must brush properly with the proper brush depending on the dog’s type of fur. As well as proper bathing and grooming. 


Matting is always preventable, it is our job as owners to take responsibility. Why not prevent discomfort and pain with our furry friends? 

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