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Summer Grooming Tips For Your Dog

Summer Grooming Tips For Your Dog

The summer season is now upon us, and that means more picnics, time by the water, and plenty of other outdoor activities. The longer and warmer days are also the time when our dogs run around and play longer than ever. The summer months are an important time to keep up with our dog’s grooming routines. While keeping your dog looking their best is also nice, grooming during the summer month is important for your dog’s health. Keeping track of certain areas such as a dog’s skin, ears, and nails is important for preventing larger problems from arising.

The summer months can be brutal on your dog. That’s why Pawmper Fluffy wants to provide some summer grooming tips for your dog. If you need assistance with your dog’s grooming, we provide mobile grooming services in South Florida that will keep your dog healthy during the hot summer months. 

Keep Up With Brushing

While there are some breeds out there that require the services of a professional groomer, you should always keep up with brushing your dog. The key to a good brushing is using a brush that is meant for your dog’s fur type. You want a brush that will strip out the loose hairs so air can circulate against your dog’s skin. Regular brushing will also prevent mats from forming, which are painful and also trap heat and moisture that can result in a skin infection.

Shaving Isn’t The Answer

While brushing your dog is a good habit, shaving them down for the summer months is not recommended. Shaving your dog, especially those who have a double coat, can be quite uncomfortable for them. No matter the length and/or composition of the coat, a dog’s coat provides climate control as well as protection from sunburns, twigs, stickers, and other things found outside.

Watch for Ticks and Fleas

The summer months are when ticks and fleas are most active. If you’re not careful, these pests can take over your dog’s fur and your home. This is another reason why brushing and an additional bath are great summer grooming strategies. Brush before and after a bath and choose a shampoo that is good for their skin and coat type.

Another important habit during the summertime is to check your dog’s ears regularly, especially if they are a fan of swimming. Dogs who have ears that fold over are prone to ear infections and wet ears can make this even more common. After your dog has gone for a swim, it’s good practice to gently wipe the sides of their ears with a cotton ball to absorb any leftover moisture. 

Need Summer Grooming Help?

Grooming your dog alone can be a challenge and the summer months don’t make it any easier. These summer grooming tips for your dog can help prevent serious issues from arising. If you need assistance with your dog’s summer grooming, don’t hesitate to reach out to the grooming professionals at Pawmper Fluffy. We provide mobile grooming services in South Florida and we know we can give your dog the grooming that they deserve. Contact us today to see if we serve your area. 

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